The mission of the FEVR system is to monitor the RF spectrum in the range of 0.1 to 18 GHz in support of various radar and communication systems management, along with future monitoring and recording operations.  FEVR is capable of performing (and recording) the following parametric measurements:

  • Frequency
  • Bandwidth
  • Amplitude
  • Spectral waveform shape
  • Scan time
  • Side lobe angle separation from main lobe
  • Pulse Width
  • Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI)

The FEVR application realizes the above mentioned measurements using the following pieces of equipment:

  • Frequency
    • Direct from spectrum analyzer using peak search marker function
  • Spectral waveform shape
    • Direct from spectrum analyzer
  • Peak amplitude, pulse width, pulse repetition interval (PRI)
    • Indirect from spectrum analyzer time capture waveform analysis
  • Scan time & side lobe angle separation
    • Direct from spectrum analyzer, using zero span operation mode

The FEVR system maintains a database of the operation and performance parameters for known emitters and the capability to add to the database as new emitters come on line.  The data collected during monitor operations can saved to disk.

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